Bookkeeping is literally the backbone of your entire financial system including accounting, tax preparation, financial planning, business development, and everything in between. It means recording all your financial transactions whether the money is coming in or it is going out. Every single transaction, big or small, must be entered in your books, under the right headers and accounts.

These days all the ledgers are maintained using SaaS-based accounting applications, but it requires expertise, diligence, and basic accounting knowledge to immaculately maintain your accounts books. It is a repetitive job, but it requires a certain level of competence.

Once you decide to hire Nanar Tax, we will help you establish a system that will allow you to seamlessly forward all the transactional records to us. Paper invoices and receipts are rare these days, but even those can be quickly scanned and digitally transferred to us easily. Once we receive the raw data from you, using your preferred accounting system, we will enter the information under the appropriate headers. Our flawless bookkeeping services well help you avoid tax preparation problems and enable you to maintain accurate financial records.