Assistance during CRA and GST audit


Do you think that you are liable for a tax audit from CRA? What about your GST preparations? Are they up to the mark? You can avoid government auditing by working with an agency like Nanar Tax to scrupulously go through your books and income and expense calculations to make sure that everything is covered before filing your tax returns. We can also be by your side while you are being audited so that you can provide all the right answers.

The problem is that as a small business you don’t have access to expensive accountants and tax consultants. You have no intention to hide anything from the government agencies. It’s just that in the contemporary world, running a business can be quite complex and many errors can simply creep in unbeknownst to you.

Dealing with the CRA audit on your own can be quite expensive and you may also be liable for heavy penalties.

Auditing from the government happens when discrepancies are found in your records. There is no need to get in such a situation. We can go through your records before you finally file them. This will make sure that you’re never targeted by the government agencies for auditing.

CRA stands for Canada Revenue Agency, and it is primarily responsible for administering the various tax laws in the country. CRA auditing is done to assess several factors such as errors in filing tax returns, instances of non-compliance, and cross-comparison with related documents and account books.

Similarly, you need to know whether your business must pay GST or not. For example, if you’re running your business as a T2 corporation then you must file GST.

CRA and GST auditing-related problems can be nipped in the bud. Through our consulting services, we can closely work with you even when you are starting a new business. We will guide you what paperwork to maintain and how to organize your expenses for tax filing purposes.