As an individual or a professional in Canada, when it comes to taking care of your taxes, you primarily have two concerns:

You want to save as much as legally possible when filing your taxes.
You don’t want to incur penalties and other legal actions by failing to pay appropriate tax dues.

Our hands-on approach will enable you to understand the various personal tax complexities and then prepare a sustainable and reliable roadmap for tax minimization and compliance at the same time.

With our timely and professional individual tax services (in Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford & Calgary), you will be able to lower your tax returns, comply with the laws of the land, do better financial planning for your family and protect your financial assets.

Why work with Nanar Tax

We are a full-service accounting firm that can render the full spectrum of financial services for your business as well as personal needs. Once you decide to partner with us, there is no need to go to another consultant or accountant.

We can easily provide you accounting and tax services in and around the following areas:

Surrey, BC
Langley, BC
Abbotsford, BC
Calgary, AB

Our founding member, Mr. Gurpreet Singh Nanar, has 10 years of uninterrupted experience helping professionals and businesses keep their financial records streamlined, up-to-date, and well within compliances. He has real-time experience working at the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and hence, he is well acquainted with the ins and outs of the various tax laws and provisions.

We can help you navigate through the intricacies of the various tax laws. We can strategize your accounting and finance management. If you are currently dealing with diverse accounting, bookkeeping and tax-related problems, we can minutely analyse your situation and implement the most conducive solutions.

We can provide accounting, business advisory and tax consulting services to professionals with different skills as well as small businesses.

Our biggest strength is tailoring our accounting and tax services according to your specific needs. We don’t come up with a templated solution. We know that every requirement is distinctive, and every client requires a bespoke solution.

Once you contact us and decide to go ahead with our services, we will have an extensive consultation. With your permission we will go through your financial records and then come up with the most appropriate approach for you. Our primary aim is going to be to optimize your tax liabilities and streamline your financial records for a better grip over your cash flow.

Our services are completely non-intrusive. We can provide most of the services remotely. There is no need to hire in-house accountants and bookkeepers. We can suggest you the best cloud-hosted accounting software for your specific needs, or we can easily work with the app that you are already comfortable with.

With our help you can carry out your professional commitments without worrying about your finances. At every stage you will know your current standing. For this, it is like having your own dedicated accounts department, but without the overheads.

We are highly dependable accounting business. We take your trust and safety seriously. We completely understand that when you put your financial records in our hands, you show your confidence in our capabilities, integrity, and professionalism. We aim to give you the best we have got.