Registration of a corporation

There are numerous benefits of turning your personal business into a corporation. You can avail tax deductions. There are many incentives that the government pays to encourage entrepreneurship, environment friendly practices, and job generation. You can keep your business and personal liabilities separate.

As an experienced business consulting and accounting company we can help you with getting your business incorporated. We will help you with getting a federal business number and a corporation income tax account from the Canada Revenue Agency. We will also help you register yourself as an ex-provincial or ex-territorial corporation wherever you want to conduct your business in other Canadian jurisdictions.

To successfully run your business, you will also need additional permits and licenses. For these you may require innumerable documents and these documents may need to be submitted to various departments. If you don’t perform these functions on regular basis, it may take you lots of time and a huge expense.

Our overall incorporation services include

Articles of incorporation
Manual document filings
Nationwide incorporation filings
Filing for NUANS and name searches