Want to save on taxes? Want to ensure you don’t invite penalties and get entangled with legal complexities due to unintentional oversights? You need strategic tax planning.

We can help you prepare your taxes not just in a timely and efficient manner, but also in such a way that you neither overpay nor underpay. We can help you find opportunities to avail tax deductions wherever possible, in the areas of Abbotsford, Calgary, Surrey, and Langley. There are many provisions provided by the government, especially if you comply with environmental and inclusion guidelines, that can translate into tax benefits.

You can be a small business, a corporation, an entrepreneur, or a full-time employee; the public business accountants at Nanar Tax can help you track & organize incomes, expenses, and inheritances, under appropriate categories so that by the time you need to calculate your tax returns, you have precise data at hand. We can also suggest a roadmap to legally minimize the amount of tax you need to pay.